Corporate partnerships


At Sharing Hope, we want to achieve genuine outcomes for people on the Thai-Burma border affected by war, displacement and poverty.

We value partnering with like-minded local businesses to bring about positive change.

Your support will go directly to those who need it most and assist grassroots projects that change people’s lives. If you are interested in contributing to real-world change, become a Sharing Hope Corporate Partner today.

What are the benefits of becoming a Corporate Partner?

Improve your brand recognition and visibility through promotion of your brand at all Sharing Hope events. There are only three Corporate Partner positions available.

Our networks across Victoria may be beneficial to your business if you are looking to reach more potential employees or customers.

“There are a lot of charities out there.

Why should I partner with Sharing Hope?”

Regional Impact

Violence by the Myanmar military against the Karen and other ethnic groups in Myanmar has been on going for over 70 years, making the Myanmar conflict the world’s longest continuous civil war. As one of our neighbours in the Asia-Pacific region, greater priority needs to be given to addressing this conflict and the poverty caused by displacement.

Locally initiated and led

Sharing Hope believes that for sustainable change to occur, projects can’t be imposed – but need to be initiated and planned by local people using local knowledge to target communities with the greatest need.

Strong relationships

We’ve been partnering with Karen communities on the Thai-Burma border for over 10 years. We partner with multiple villages, schools and medical clinics to deliver help where it is needed most. We have a team of Karen community leaders who oversee our projects providing added accountability and transparency. Plus, because we are a smaller charity, we have low overheads meaning more of the money we raise can go directly to our projects.


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