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Sharing Hope embodies community in action. We represent a decade of partnership with Karen refugees in Victoria and their Australian neighbours. We are a dynamic, relational and grassroots NGO that partners in community led aid and reconstruction projects in refugee camps, IDP camps, schools and villages in Thailand and Karen State, Burma.



After coming to Victoria from Mae La Refugee Camp, Jordan quickly established himself as an advocate and leader for the Karen refugee community. Jordan is now well known in the community and has received multiple awards in recognition of his tireless work.



With an extensive background in administration and organisational management, Kathy has worked hard behind the scenes to build Sharing Hope from a small group of concerned community members into a legitimate and effective NGO.



Gitta has worked with the Karen and other refugee groups for over two decades, helping them settle in Victoria and find employment opportunities. This led to Gitta receiving the Knox Citizen of the Year award for her work with refugee communities.



Through his love of sport and passion to see young people thrive, Ben has made strong connections with Karen of all ages. His particular joy is seeing young Karen people retain their cultural heritage, while also embracing their new lives in Australia.



From day one Calvin has enthusiastically welcomed Karen refugees into the community. His trips to the Thai-Burma border have led him to fall in love with the Karen culture and people. He hopes to move to Thailand soon, in order to better engage with our team there.



Luke quickly befriended Karen young people when they began to come to Croydon Hills. A mutual love for soccer did the rest. Now Luke speaks Karen, and has extremely good relationships with Karen people in Australia and on the Thai-Burma border. Currently Luke is the Team Leader of GenHope.


Community Team

Tim is a community leader for the Karen people here in Victoria, currently Chairing the Eastern Karen Community Association of Victoria. He has worked hard to help Karen refugees find a place in Australia, and remain connected with other Karen throughout the country.


Community Team

Early in life, Jack’s received support through Compassion, resulting in his deep passion for seeing young people supported. He is a firm advocate for mentoring and leadership development.


Community Team

Matt has used his role as a pastor to bring together Karen young people with their counterparts in the wider Australian community. He loves seeing young people find an identity within themselves that is vibrant, caring and informed.


Community Team

Deb has spent a great deal of time befriending Karen women, and working with them as they get used to life in Australia. Alongside her husband Calvin, Deb is planning on moving to the Thai-Burma border and there hopes to work in the area of maternal health.

Moo Hei

Community Team

Born and raised in Mae La Refugee Camp, Pastor Moo Hei is now a leading figure among the Karen community in Maroondah, and has worked tirelessly alongside newly arrived families for decades as they settle into their new lives in Australia.

Mu Naw Shee

Border Team Administrator

Mu Naw Shee began working with us in early 2021, after completing her studies with support from Sharing Hope’s Leaders of Hope program. Mu Naw Shee has been instrumental in keeping the lines of communication open between us and our projects, an especially difficult process during the COVID lockdowns and following the military coup.


Border Team

Pastor Peacefully is a community advocate, with a particular passion for holistic education. Alongside his work with Sharing Hope, he is the director of a Thai based migrant learning center which educates hundreds of Karen displaced students. Peacefully is also an articulate and authoritative voice for justice and peace.

Tee Toh

Border Team

Tee Toh has done a great deal to ensure many young people living in Mae La Refugee camp receive an education. Additionally, he has worked to ensure Karen Christians have a safe place to peacefully worship, and that students who wish to train as pastors gain the required training and support.


Border Team

Having worked with the International Rescue Committee and other recognised NGOs, Dan has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. Dan has also worked very hard to build up schools and safe zones for students still living in Karen State.


Border Team

Administrating some of our most remote projects, Taku has also been heavily involved in supporting malaria clinics and other medical outposts. His work has taken him all over Karen State.


Programs Director

David joined the Sharing Hope team after completing his degree in International Development. Five years later he is our Programs Director, overseeing project management and development.


Fundraising & Communications Coordinator

Shannon got involved with Sharing Hope in 2019 doing a year-long internship and going on a trip to the Thai-Burma border. Now, Shannon works as the Fundraising & Communications Coordinator, overseeing campaigns and communications.