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Sharing Hope embodies community in action. We represent a decade of partnership with Karen refugees in Victoria and their Australian neighbours. We are a dynamic, relational and grassroots NGO that partners in community led aid and reconstruction projects in refugee camps, IDP camps, schools and villages in Thailand and Karen State, Burma. We rely on Karen aid workers to be our project managers and supervisors. Our board is comprised of experienced Australian community development workers, and Karen refugee leaders.



Team Leader

With an extensive background in administration and organisational management, Kathy has worked hard behind the scenes to build Sharing Hope from a small group of concerned community members into a legitimate and effective NGO.



Team Leader

A leader in the Karen community, Jordan has worked for decades to advocate for his people still living along the Thai-Burma border, as well as providing support for new refugees in Australia. He has been recognised repeatedly for his tireless work in the community.

Border Team

Our border team comprises of Karen community development workers who live along the Thai-Burma border. All of our projects are managed by local community leaders, with our team liaising with them regularly to report back to us how our publicly funded projects are progressing.

Sharing Hope would not exist without the dedication and professionalism of our border team.


Sharing Hope Team

Sharing Hope’s Australia team has dedicated workers from a range of backgrounds. All members of our team work with the Karen people, either directly through Sharing Hope or in other capacities. Our board of directors have extensive experience in community development, aid and refugee support, administration and policy development, and financial management.

In April of 2019 Sharing Hope received a local award for our work in the community. Additionally, two members of our board also received awards for their involvement in other community engagement activities. Leadership responsibilities primarily rest on our two Co-Directors; Jordan, a Karen refugee who had become an outspoken advocate for the Karen people and Kathy, who has extensive experience in administration, capacity building, and policy development.



GenHope is an organisation within Sharing Hope that works to empower Karen young adults in Australia and on the Thai-Burma border to share the story of the Karen people. They are frequently called on to speak at schools, churches and conferences and have so far raised over $15,000 for Sharing Hope’s aid programs.



6 Bemboka Road, Croydon Hills VIC 3136, Australia

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Sharing Hope Ltd is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission. Our finances are audited annually and our Annual Reports are available upon request. We are a public benevolent institution and donations over $2 are tax deductible.