Our Process

Teacher Support

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Karen teachers are passionate, but often lack a steady income. Sharing Hope has partnered with schools in Karen State for 10 years, providing wage support so teachers can remain in their classrooms, and children can get the consistent education they deserve.

Food Support

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Refugees and Internally Displaced People are among the most vulnerable on earth. Food in these camps on the Thai-Burma border are often scarce. Sharing Hope regularly provides support to these communities, particularly to the camp’s schools, so all students and teachers can eat regular meals.

Medicine & medic Support

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When families in remote Karen communities get sick, they often have to travel for days to receive medical support. Sharing Hope supports local medics through wage support and medical supplies. Together we are working to provide relief for sick and injured people.

Leaders of Hope

Sharing Hope believes in supporting the leaders of tomorrow! Karen students like Say K’Bleet are passionate, driven trailblazers. Sharing Hope supports scholarships for students who complete school, so they can gain qualifications from universities around the world. These graduates, like Say, frequently return home to provide support for their families and friends on the Thai-Burma border.

Emergency Relief

Sharing Hope’s Emergency Relief program funds critical aid projects, where one-off, specific payments can quickly make a tangible, life-saving impact for some of the world’s most disadvantaged people. This program funds food, medicine, clean water and temporary shelter for newly displaced communities.

Border Rebuild

Hundreds of thousands of Karen people have been displaced. When they go back to their homes, they so often find that their villages have been destroyed. Sharing Hope partners with these communities to provide critical infrastructure, such as schools, medical clinics and water filters.

Sharing Hope Ltd is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission. Our finances are audited annually and our Annual Reports are available upon request. We are a public benevolent institution and donations over $2 are tax deductible.