More than 1 in 3 children under five in Karen State are stunted, which means that factors such as poor nutrition have hindered their growth and development.

Many families in remote villages along the Thai-Burma border don’t have access to affordable and nutritious food. One of the local primary schools see the reality of food insecurity daily.

“Most of the students don’t have lunch because there isn’t enough food in their homes”

Sharing Hope partners with this school, enabling them to provide lunches to the students and teachers. These funds go towards porridge, rice and noodles. The meals help students to have the energy to focus on education.

“By providing lunch at school, students can give more emphasis to their studies instead of being distracted by the daily struggles of life

Sharing Hope supports schools in Karen State who are empowering Karen children by providing them with the nutritious food they need for growth, energy and concentration.

Nah Paw Lah is a teacher and cook at this primary school.  She says:

“I am very happy to get the funds for food for the students, especially for the poor students. Some students can’t go back home at lunch time as their parents go to work while some don’t even have enough food for their families, so the food support brings a lot of happiness for all the children. I feel that they are very happy not only for the food but also for their education. Thank you so much Sharing Hope and all the donors for your love and kindness to the poor children.”

We want to see more children receive adequate nutrition and reach their full potential.

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