In one of our partner villages, over 800 people were living without safe drinking water, increasing their risk of waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

Along with obvious impacts on health, waterborne diseases are the cause of 70% of absenteeism in schools in underdeveloped areas, providing a significant barrier to education.

In partnership with Safe Water for Every Child Myanmar and the Karen community in this village, this project installed water tanks and water filtration system, and delivered sanitation training for the growing community.

This project will increase health and education outcomes in this village and has equipped the community to support the increasing numbers of internally displaced people arriving here.

We celebrate the successful installation of water tanks and a water filtration system in this village, providing the entire village with safe drinking water.

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Why the [redactions]?

To protect the people and communities we work with, we don’t include names or locations we’re currently operating in unless we feel it is safe to do so. At Sharing Hope, our primary goal is to assist IDP and refugee communities, and this includes protecting their privacy when there are potential risks to people’s safety.